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"I love having beautiful music in my home, and the hammered dulcimer CD's are the best! When my kids come home for Saturday morning coffee, if I don't have the Amazing Grace CD turned on, they ask for it. It completes the warm, intimate time shared. The music is also reflective/satisfying for my quiet times. I LOVE Lori's CD's."

- Gretchen, Apple Valley, MN

Pastime With Good Company (2004)

Pastime With Good Company Samples (A compilation of Irish and English tunes using the hammer dulcimer and other instruments to accompany):

Smash the Windows

Ash Grove

Three Sea Captains


Christmas Carols (2007) With the Hammered Dulcimer

Christmas Carol Samples (There is no instrument that does the Christmas Carols as wonderful as the hammer dulcimer. A compilation of some of the most traditional carols that have been around for centuries):

I Saw Three Ships

Carol of the Bells

Jeanette Isabella


Amazing Grace (2011) Hymns with the Hammered Dulcimer

Amazing Grace Samples (A compilation of traditional hymns with the hammer dulcimer. A soothing, restful CD that can bring calm to any day. This CD could be used as a lullaby for its quiet presence.):

Be Thou My Vision

Amazing Grace

I Surrender All


A Road Less Traveled (2017)

"The people who have had the greatest impact on my life are those who have often spoken the fewest words. They listened with intent, lived a life of integrity and were committed to faith, family and community. Their words were shown by the life they lived and the impact they left. I find music to have a very similar effect. Instrumental music has always breathed peace and strength to my soul. I called this CD The Road Less Traveled as I believe it is on that road that we often find our way in life. For me, that way is rooted in my faith, family and friends. My hope is that you find the road less traveled in your life and that wherever you find yourself in life that this music may carry peace and strength to you."

- Lori Ronchak